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Saltwater Crocodile or Estuarine Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) surfacing to breath, Oro Bay, Papua New Guinea by Mike Parry

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Crow Dad 1, part one

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Mule vs Mountain Lion

A couple from Montana were out riding on the range with their dogs, the man with a rifle and his wife with the camera that took these amazing shots, when a mountain lion decided to stalk the dogs.

The man got off his mule and decided to fire a shot into the air to scare off the mountain lion, but before he could the lion charged towards the dogs hoping for a piece of them. That’s when things got interesting

The mule decided he wanted a piece of the lion and snatched him up by the tail and started whirling him around. Banging its head on the ground on every pass. It basically stomped it to death and bit it a few times to make sure it was really dead.

The mule then walked back to where the stunned couple were standing and stood there ready to continue as if this crazy situation hadn’t just gone down.


does…does this make it a badass or…?

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Bamboo Viper by tyler

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Production DesignMoon (2009)

Well, my generation of geek was a big fan of films like ‘Outland’ and ‘Silent Running’ and the original ‘Alien.’ Those kinds of science fiction movies were more about the character and sort of human qualities than about the technology. I love those films and I miss those films in some ways, and we wanted to create something which felt comfortable within that canon of those science fiction films from the sort of late seventies to early eighties. - director Duncan Jones; P.D. by Tony Noble

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Mantis shrimp have divided into two distinct groups based on weaponry. Smashers have developed hard clubs that they use to crack open hard-shelled prey, while Spearers have long and sharp spines at the tip of their claws for spearing their prey. Both use their weapons with lightning speed, showing that their nickname, “thumb splitters”, is well-earned.


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look at this bullshit anime owl

its a juvenille barred eagle owl and it grows up into a furby

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We were eating lunch with the door open, and a monkey started to peek through the door.’Isn’t that cute?’ we thought. 
'Hello monkey,' we said. 
Then the situation quickly deteriorated. 

(Dharamshala, India)

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Mesembs - Gibbaeum comptonii

Also known as Living Stones and Ice Plant, seedlings of the South African dwarf succulent Gibbaeum comptonii (Caryophyllales - Aizoaceae) grow in clumps characterized by pairs of leaves mostly globular. The sizes of the leaves of a same pair are sometimes different. The asymmetry of the leaf pairs is a distinguishing characteristic of the genus. Flowers are magenta.

Sometimes this species is considered synonym to Gibbaeum heathii.

Reference: [1] - [2] -

Photo credit: [Top: ©Martin Heigan | Locality: South Africa, 2010] - [Bottom: ©Stuart Robinson | Locality: unknown, 2011] 

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