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Photographedby Leila Jeffreys [website]

[h/t: jedavu]

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Frans Lanting: A baby albatross is weighed in South Georgia, 1989

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"He’s behind me making that fucking face again. I don’t even have to turn around to know it. God damn it. I hate that goddamned stupid face he makes. God fucking damnit."

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The Pillar of Hate.

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (1995)


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Hangzhou, China: A piece of graphene aerogel developed at Zhejiang University is placed on a cherry flower. The sponge-like matter weighs 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimetre and is the world’s lightest solid material.

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A napping anteater.

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I mean, not that fancy store-bought dirt. That stuff’s loaded with nutrients. I… I can’t compete with that stuff.

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Clown in the Dumps couch gag by Don Hertzfeldt

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#the couch gags are the only worthwhile things from the new simpsons




that some studio ghibli shit right there.

Picked one of these for a mycology assignment. Did not realize that these buggers collapse into that inky liquid very quickly after picking. Had a nice bag of ink to show my professor the next day though.

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My new favorite thing to do is draw bugs on http://weavesilk.com/. I think flyntcoal and chalkandwater, two amazing blogs that I follow and are too awesome to even know who I am, would think this is cool. People with a love for biology, unite! 

Man, you’d be so disappointed if you met me. That’s a great site though, have a mantis-ish thing.

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Hundreds of gannets plunge into the sea as they attempt to spear fish off the coast of the Shetland Isles. The seabirds live up to their name as they tore fish from their rivals’ beaks during the scramble for food. The photos where taken from photographer and ecologist Richard Shucksmith.


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